With the Blower app on iOS you could blow out candles or lighters with your mobile speaker. You can also do it in Android too!


The description of Yet another Air BLOwer: YABLO. App in Play Store
NOTICE: In some phones the application may not work, depending on the speakers that your mobile phone has.

NOTICE: the application was tested on an LG Phone and on an ASUS Tablet.

New: THANKS FORE THE INTEREST IN THE APP, Many of you had questions concerning frequencies, this is what we discovered so far:

Discovered Frequencies: most of the tablets or large phones will work ok around 700Hz or 800Hz. 
Specifically, we discovered that:

Samsung Galaxy s3(mole) works with 1400Hz or 800Hz
Samsung Galaxy s3 mini works with 850Hz
Samsung Galaxy tablets work with 800Hz
HTC works with 800Hz (to 1000Hz), but there is variation betwen the models
Nexus 5 works at 800Hz, 1000Hz, 1400Hz and in general has quite powerful speakers so the effect is clear
LG Bello works at 1400Hz (Like in the video). In general we have seen LG mobile phones to work with 1400Hz.
Asus tables: they work with 700Hz/800Hz.

If you do not have these models and you find a different frequencies, do not hesitate to send me an email with the frequency you found so that other users can reproduce the experiment.

YABLO is an air blower application to show how sound works. In particular the application produces a sound wave with a frequency that can be selected by the user. At a given frequency, depending on the mobile phone, the soundwave can blow air to turn off a near candlelight or move little pieces of paper. 

Remember: safety first. Every kind of experiment should always be done under the supervision of an adult.

Since it is about doing experiments with the phone, you should pay attention: keep your phone distant from the candle when you try it on a candle. 

In order to help the user in finding the right frequency, the application also provides a small explanation about the frequencies to be used to observe the desired effect on the candlelight.

The application does not store any sort of data. It requires network permissions to show advertisements. 

The application allows to set the frequency (between 0 and 2000Hz) of the soundwave and its amplitude (between -16Db and 0Db). 

In order to work, the user has to keep the activate button pressed.

See the video information about the application.

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