Yes you heard that right! This app can actually blow out candles or lighters with just your mobile speakers. This ios app uses sound to do this. Watch the video and find out!

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James of The Action Lab explained how the iOS phone app Blower is able to blow out a flame using sound.

James first tested the app with a birthday candle to see if it really worked. After the candle was successfully extinguished, he examined how that could happen as iPhones don’t have fans.

How is this app using sound to blow out the candle? Well it has to do with the difference between sucking and blowing. When the speaker cone inside of the iPhone moves out it pushes a little bit of air out of the tiny little holes at the bottom of the iPhone and then when the speaker cone moves the other direction it sucks air back in. 

 Watch the video to see what this app can really do!

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