Google has released a first beta of Google Play Games for the PC and thus offers games for a third platform (Windows) in addition to smartphones and tablets (Android) and Chromebook (Chrome OS). The beta starts today in Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan, with other countries to follow later this year.

In December last year, Google announced that the app for Google Play Games would also be available for PCs with Windows. From now on, users from the countries mentioned can register for the beta and download the app. 

Users from Germany get the message that " the beta version is not yet available in your region ". 

Available Games to Play Now

The Windows app gives users access to a selected catalog of games that were previously at home on smartphones, tablets or Chromebooks. At the start of the beta, Google announced the availability of 

  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
  • Summoners War
  • State of Survival: The Joker Collaboration 
  • Three Kingdoms Tactics

The game status is synchronized in the cloud via the Google Play Games profile, so that the game can be continued at the same point on another device. Score synced via the cloud

Especially for the PC, Google advertises improved controls for the games, since keyboard and mouse can now also be used. In addition, developers can present the games on larger screens and provide them with higher graphic settings, which only the powerful hardware of a PC makes possible. On the Developers Blog , Google explains what developers have to consider when porting their games to the PC .

Minimum requirements for Google Play Games on PC

Google, in turn, specifies the following minimum requirements for users, although requirements such as “GPU for gaming” or “compatible PC with compatible configuration” do not initially make it clear exactly what is meant by this. Visit Google's support section for more details, including a list of supported GPUs . Practically all current and previous series from AMD and Nvidia as well as the Iris Xe Graphics from Intel are represented. Some configurations are not supported, such as AMD systems with less than 1GB VRAM and all Lenovo ThinkPads in general. During the installation of the app, users are also asked to activate the hypervisor or HAXM .

  • Windows 10 (v2004)
  • Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • GPU for gaming
  • 8 logical cores in the CPU
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 20 GB available storage space
  • Windows-Administratorkonto
  • Hardware virtualization must be enabled
  • Compatible PC with compatible configuration

Mobile app is being revised

For the mobile app on smartphones and tablets, Google seems to be planning certain changes behind the scenes. The FAQ for the PC version states that the mobile app is primarily intended for casual games where the user can start right away without having to install anything. However, the term “Google Play Games” will in future refer to “ playing your favorite Android games on a PC ”. There will be more announcements for the mobile app in the near future.

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