Now the beta phase of Geforce Now on TV is over. The cloud gaming service is now available on LG televisions. At the start, new customers get a special promotion.

Since February 2020, you can use a Geforce user account to stream your purchased PC games to various end devices free of charge via Geforce Now, since the game streaming service has officially not been a beta since February 2020.

Last year, Nvidia and LG announced that the cloud gaming service was coming to LG TVs in beta. In January 2022, the test phase will end and the app will start rolling out on televisions. 

Anyone who buys a new LG TV between February 1st and March 27th, 2022 will get six months of Geforce Now Priority membership worth 50 euros and can enjoy many games as an RTX version and play longer than the standard -Subscription.

There is Geforce Now on these LG TVs

In addition to the paid Priority and Now RTX 3080 membership, you can still use Geforce Now for free. If you opt for the standard membership, you always have to wait for a free server rig and can only play a maximum of one hour per game before you have to restart the session. With Geforce Now you can stream PC games previously purchased on Steam or the Epic Games Store via the Internet connection to a device and then play them.

To improve the streaming experience, the new Geforce Now app offers an upscaling function. In addition to the standard mode, "enhanced" is also available, whereby the image quality increases, but the latency times can also increase - depending on the Internet bandwidth. In conjunction with an Nvidia Shield streaming box or PCs with selected Nvidia GPUs, the third upscaling mode called "AI-enhanced" is now available.

LG wants to make the official app for the cloud gaming service Geforce Now available for free download in its content store in 80 different countries. It's not possible to run Geforce Now in the web browser on LG TVs, you need the app to do it. According to the TV manufacturer, the app will be available on selected TVs from the 2021 model year . Supported TVs include the 4K OLED series A1, B1 and C1 series, the mid-range QNED LCD series TVs and the cheaper Nanocell LCD TVs with LED backlights from the Nano series. The entry-level TVs of the UP series only receive the official Geforce Now app from the UP 7000 series.

Collection for cloud service Geforce Now on LG TVs:

  • Nvidia has announced that the cloud gaming service Geforce Now is no longer in the test phase on LG TVs. 
  • The official app is now available for free download in the LG Content Store.
  • Geforce Now can only be used on selected TVs from model year 2021. The app is available for the A1, B1 and C1 series as well as the QNED LCD series and the inexpensive Nanocell LCD TVs.
  • The entry-level TVs of the UP series only receive the official Geforce Now app from the UP 7000 series.
  • If you are between 01.02. If you buy a new LG TV between March 27th and 27th, 2022, you will receive six months of priority membership with Geforce Now free of charge.
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