Intel could come to the rescue of beleaguered PC gamers hoping for a easing of the graphics card market: the company promises to do everything in its power to bring millions of Arc GPUs to stores every year.

While demand for graphics cards remains high and supply low, PC gamers are pinning their hopes on Intel and the new Arc GPUs . The editors of PC Gamer therefore wrote an open letter to Intel and its CEO Patrick Gelsinger , in which author Dave James calls on the company to do something about the dominance of AMD and Nvidia and the ongoing shortage of CPUs. Intel's response followed immediately.

PCGamer: "You are our last great hope"

Dave James laments the way AMD and Nvidia do business with a self-deprecating undertone in his letter to Intel:

" I can't imagine a future where AMD and Nvidia, even if they can make as many chips as they want, consciously choose to do so to lower the prices. I can't imagine that investors would like to see the current high profit margins being cut in favor of the gamers. Especially not if these gamers keep paying exorbitant prices, no matter what the price tag is on the cards. "

Intel, James continues, is the "last great hope for peace on the graphics card market". AMD and Intel have no interest in changing pricing structures, so now is the perfect time for Intel to enter the market. "If you can come up with an offering of Arc Alchemist GPUs, at the level the leaks promise," James said, "in a reasonably decent amount, and undercut the competition, you'll instantly win the hearts and minds of an entire generation of PCs -players."

What should please James and the PC community alike: It seems that Intel does not need to be told twice. Indeed, Raja Koduri, head of graphics at Intel, responded to PCGamer's appeal with a tweet:

So if Koduri has its way, Intel will be shipping tens of millions of Arc GPUs to PC gamers a year. We don't yet know what the pricing of the cards will look like and Intel still hasn't given a release date, but the announcement by Koduris at least gives hope that an end to the absurd situation on the GPU market is in sight.

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