Guys, in this post I want to share a simple trick so that the PS2 emulator called Aether SX2 that you are using can run smoothly at 60fps without LAG 

Because by far the best emulator that has reasonable performance, so this is only Aether SX2. (for now)

Some competitors that have appeared first, such as Damon PS2 can be said to be far behind. Even in terms of appearance and performance, it is still inferior to the Aether SX2 emulator. (even though Damon PS2 is paid.

Aether SX2 Best Settings Guide

1. Download directly from, Google Play Store

Never install a modified version of Aether SX2 in a google search. It could be that it contains ads, viruses, etc. that actually make your cellphone not 100% compatible.

2. Reduce unnecessary applications that are active in the background.

Prepare your Android OS first. As much as possible reduce the applications that you do not use. Also delete some obscure applications that are installed on your cellphone.

You can check it in Settings->>All Apps

After preparation has been done, then open the Aether SX2 application.

3. Go to App Settings

Here you go to the "App Settings" menu , then in the "System" section change the settings below:

  • EE Cycle Rate is 75%
  • EE Cycle Skip "Moderate Underclock (2)
  • Enable Fastmem
  • Enable Affinity Control

  • Enable Widescreen Patches
  • Aspect Ratio "Stretch" (optional)
  • Blending Accuracy "Basic"
  • Enable Preload Textures
  • Software Rendering 6 Thread

Some settings may be changed along with an update from the application developer.

4. Before opening the game, select "game properties"

In the properties menu, go to "System Settings", then select "Set fast/unsafe preset

These settings are default presets for those of you who don't want to bother setting one by one. But you can still reset it as needed after pressing this button.

For example, the specs I use use the Snapdragon 720G CPU . With this spec, it's actually still capable of running 2x native resolution. So it's manually changed again, aliases don't have to follow the existing presets.

Some Tips for using Aether SX2 (android)

Okay, let's go ahead, you can try some of these tips if you want to increase the potential for performance on your Android phone when using the Aether SX2 emulator.

But before heading to the tips, you first read some of the points below.

1. Understand the specifications on the cellphone you are using.

The very first thing, you must first know the extent of the hardware that you are currently using. You have to know first, how much the hardware is capable of.

Because it's not funny if you want a significant performance jump, but the specifications used are too low end.

So first understand the specifications you are using. The specs are like this, you have to be realistic about how much the performance jump will be.

2. Make sure the Android OS is in its best condition.

Most Android OS users do not pay attention to how the condition of the OS they are currently using.

So the hardware specifications they use are already medium and above, but the performance is similar to low-end cellphones. There are even some that have a severe LAG that can't be played.

What is annoying is that some of them even blame the brand/chipset they are using. Whereas the main problem is in the "unhealthy" part of the Android OS due to lack of maintenance.

Some things that can slow down the Android OS such as

  • Unnecessary apps running in the background
  • Active ad virus
  • And other software problems

The longer the use / age of the OS is used, the more likely the Android OS is in a bad condition.


Aether SX2 actually already has a good performance when compared to DamonPS2. However, for some games it is necessary to do manual settings so that they can run stable at 60fps and can be included in the playable category.

And for Low End Mobile users whose specs are mediocre, don't expect too much. A preset does not necessarily make the game SURE to run smoothly. Because the most influential remains in what kind of hardware is used.

If everything has been done and it hasn't worked, maybe the specifications used are too old and it's time to replace it.


Remember, the points I wrote above are my own personal opinion. So it's only natural that there are some things that don't agree with those of you who are reading this article.

That's the article on How to Set Aether SX2 to Smooth + Anti LAG (Preset 60fps) . Hopefully the information that I have written through the article above can be useful for those of you who read it.

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  1. How do can I active the rightaxis that will enable me move my gun or face an enemy in Black?

  2. Use black pnach file with already cheat enabled or edit in notepad

  3. I'm playing star ocean 3 and every time I open manu the fps drop to 20% and this happen with other games also, my device can easily run almost all game without any lag but this manu problem is just almost every game has, how can I solve this ?

  4. Thank you for the great guide!


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