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Aether SX2 - The PS2 Android emulator is out on Google Play! 
The Damon Pro emulator killer

    Aether SX2 Emulator

    AetherSX2 is an emulator of the Play Station console (PS2) for the Android platform. You can play games which you have dumped from disc on your Android mobile!


    This is a free app, worked on as a hobby in the developer’s free time. At the time of writing, it is in very early stages and missing many useful features, however is usable for playing some games.

    It is not going to be perfect, far from it. I will continue to improve it when I have time, but please remember this is not my job, and to have realistic expectations, especially if you do not have a high end device.

    As it is an early preview, you should save your game regularly in case of crashes.

    APK Download

    Aether SX2 APK for download. AetherSX2 is only distributed via the Play Store

    PlayStore - Aether SX2 Apk - Click here

    Bios Download

    Aether SX2 Bios Download.

    Click Here To Go to Download

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